Drive your corporate mobility through an open and scalable platform, use twist.
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What is twist?

Twist is a platform for managing, controlling and analyzing your enterprise mobility. Centralize your lines, devices and applications, simplify your fleet management and offer a greater autonomy to your employees. The DNA of twist is analytical, in a few clicks you can control your invoices, monitor your operations and chargeback your usage.

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A solution that fits everyone



The right information at the right time

Control expenses and cost allocation

Manage budgets and suppliers

Understand and optimize mobility usage




Efficiency and control

Keep inventory up to date

Identify and correct anomalies

Efficiently process user requests




Autonomy and better mobility adoption

Submit requests and track their evolution

Be informed / alerted about mobile usage

Solve common incidents using the hardware auto-diagnostic service, tied to a rich online knowledge base


A comprehensive mobility management platform

Give your users a seamless and modern experience on web and mobile devices. Cover all your needs from procurement to expense management with twist.

Discover twist Apps

twist is created for a connected company

Connect twist to your information systems and benefit from an entreprise level security and scalability. twist can natively connect to major ITSM, EMM and HR software.

twist is backed up by our Managed Mobility Services

Do you need to provide your employees with an augmented mobile experience? twist services are tailored to support your strategy and are delivered by 350 experts in Europe.